Berakah Ideas is an independent strategic communications group.


A full-service agency, we design and execute strategic communications programs that support your business objectives and communicate your messages effectively.


We are based in Atlanta, with a great partner in Miami: The Brains Bunch. And allies in Washington, D.C., New York and Houston. We provide thorough coverage of Georgia and strategic jumping-off points for Latin America.


Our effort is to offer the right message at the right time to audiences. We excel at explaining complex business, marketing, regulatory, legal, banking, and other B2B and B2C issues in clear, compelling communication and calls to action. 


We help you establish and protect your brand and reputation…Increase your visibility…Position you as experts and leaders in your field…Motivate your clients and potential customers, and…Communicate your message.


With deep statewide knowledge and expertise, Berakah Ideas offers the full spectrum of communications services, including content development, public relations, media relations, crisis management, marketing, and digital communication. 


We love to bless your business through our work, creating always great marketing experiences! 


Berakah Ideas LLC is part of the projects promoted by the Latin American Association of Atlanta. It's a member of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce since 2017. It's a registered business within the Corporations Division of the Georgia Secretary of State.  


One of our biggest clients in Atlanta has been Mundo Hispánico, the largest Hispanic newspaper in the estate of Georgia.